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Handcraft Honest Drinks


      Why did you start this business? - (Tan) I have a tumor at the thyroid gland. After tissue examination, the doctor recommended me to remove the thyroid gland completely but I resisted and chose to find a cure for myself via homeopathy method by started consulting a specialist in this discipline. I then tried drinking vegetable juice made by myself. Everything that I made clearly made me feel healthier and my mind was better balanced. In the past, I felt ill easily and frequently including having bouts of flatulence and constipation, weak digestive system. I was moody and easily irritated and depressed. But after taking care of myself via natural method for two years, quit eating meat, drank vegetable juice made by myself almost every day, my health became significantly stronger, rarely got sick, experienced improved digestion and excretion and my mind was better balanced. Whenever I drank vegetable juice, I would post pictures in the Instagram and Facebook and some older acquaintances would express interests to buy from me which I obliged. The feedback from them: they felt better and healthier. I then decided to commence this business seriously.


      What are your intended products? - We are determined to make drinks which must be safe from chemical contaminants or impurities that are unsafe for a healthy life. Our aim is that the drink that we produce must be safe for consumption by our father, mother and grandmother or even our customers who may have cancer.


        How will your belief in this business help the society? - We realize the importance of organic fruits and vegetables not only from the perspective of financially supporting the organic farmers who were willing to work harder without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides to grow their produce that may be more reliable but on the adverse effects of using such chemicals on the environment such as soil, water and air. I place high importance to selecting good organic fruits and vegetables and hope that our business will not only help people to lead a better and healthier life but for the healthier and cleaner environment as well.


           How different are your vegetable drinks and what is the production process? - It begins with the selection of high quality raw materials i.e. organic fruits and vegetables to be bottled in glass containers which undergo dry disinfection process. The drinks were the outcome of more than hundred formulas that I tried to come up with before arriving at the ones most suitable in terms of taste and benefits. I don’t believe in using more fruit juice or vegetable that have lots of water content such as cucumber in order to save cost but actually using what is best just like I do for my own consumption even if it costs more. We have to use quite large quantity of leafy greens to get the juice from them in order to meet our juice formulas standard. The process utilizes the hydraulic cold-pressed juicer which is deemed the best juicer in the world in terms of generating higher quantity of food nutrients than the threaded cold-pressed equipment sold in department stores. The equipment used by us is also recommended by Gerson Institute as the juicer suitable for treating cancer patients.


        What is your view on drinking/vegetable fruit juice? - Vegetables and fruits are very important for our health. If we eat more fruits and vegetables we will definitely notice the change in our health. Fruits or vegetables made in the form of drinks will help us to consume more of the same easily whether containing fruit residue or with the residue removed, all have their benefits, however, one should be careful about chemical contamination. Cold-pressed juicer has the advantage in that it does not utilize heat in the process therefore vitamin and food nutrients in the fruits or vegetables are not destroyed. Nevertheless, there can be a downside to the cold-pressed process if fruits or vegetables processed are not the organic types because chemicals contained in non-organically raised fruits/vegetables are not destroyed by heat similar to normal cooking. The negative outcome will not manifest itself in a year or two but will accumulate and become dangerous for our bodies in the long term. I would like everyone to be careful on this matter by washing chemically-raised fruits/vegetables by substances such as baking soda or vinegar but bear in mind that it will not totally remove chemicals 100%. We are really hope that drinking our juices is the small steps for you to take a better care for your health. This world has a lot more beautiful things to explore and we need good health in order to do that. “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

- Ann Wigmore

Founder : Dujrutai K. (Tan)

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