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Returnable Bottle

Return 30 Bottles  =  1  Juice Geek Point

We accept all types of bottle EXCEPT Superfood Booster bottle


- When we receive the bottles, we​ will note the amount and confirm with customer via LINE chat. The point is added to member's account when it reaches 30 bottles. 

If you'd like to send the bottles back using carrier service, please order our products and have them delivered from the store first. Then request for the return service with our staff in LINE chat in advance, otherwise they cannot do the roundtrip delivery. 

- There's​ a 70 THB surcharge for a roundtrip service by the carrier company -LALAMOVE. If the customer return 30 bottles or more, we will waive this fee. 

- The​ customer can still return the bottles even if it's less than 30. But a 70 THB roundtrip surcharge will be added to the delivery fee.

- Please count the bottles amount and inform us.

- Customers can also return the bottles at our storefront or use any other carrier to deliver it on their own. No minimum amount. 

- Only​ cleaned and dried bottles are counted and collected for Juice Geek Points.


- The​ Superfood Booster​ bottle​ and other glass jar from our store can also be returned. But they will NOT be counted for points collection. 

- We​ recommend to rinse the bottles right after you finish drinking for a smooth cleaning. Or fill it with water and leave it for a while so the stain can come off easily. We also have bottle brushes that suit the narrow mouth bottles for sale. 

- The​ bottle caps are needed. You don't have to remove the labels. 

- All​ returned bottles will be cleaned and dried again. Then they will be sterilized before reusing.

We take these bottles back NOT for the  saving or reducing the store's costs, but solely for the purpose of "Helping reduce waste."

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